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Anja Marais_South Africa
Eleomar Puente_ Cuba
Edouard Duval Carrie_ Haiti
Maki Hashizume_Japan
Miguel Fleitas _Cuba
Nicolas Leiva_Argentina
Karen Starosta-Gilinski_Vnzla
Angel Vapor_Cuba
Noor Blazekovic _ Vnzla
Miguel Rodez _USA

Meet our founders



Co - Founder / Executive Director


Founder/ Curator

What we do?


The creation of Giants in the City was born out Alejandro Mendoza desire and necessity to express his work into a giant scale and to give art accessibility to a massive interaction in all sectors within the community.

A Monumental Inflatable Sculpture art exhibition is fascinating to everyone. The Giants are a contemporary visual art experience, a great alternative for any cultural event, giving the community and general public a peculiar collective art show. 

Made of Urethane coated Nylon they take, in the hand of the artists, magical powers— a power to insufflate life to fixe forever in our memories, a gaze, a visage… What story do they tell us? To what summits are they attempting to lift us? These giant sculptures are of a troubling and even violent beauty. Their gazes have the power to penetrate our soul and emotionally move us by their strange composition.

Who we are?


Alejandro Mendoza is the Founder Artist/Curator of Giants in the City. Born in Havana, Cuba, at an early age his work was included in the permanent collection of Museo Nacional de Bellas Arte and Centro Wifredo Lam. In 19992 after completing his studies, he left Cuba for Mexico where he spent the next 15 years, producing an important body of work that has been shown at prestigious institutions like the acclaimed Museo del Chopo, U.N.A.M, and Museo de Arte Carrillo Gil. Alejandro has lived in Miami since 2005 and founded Giants in the City in 2008. Alejandro says of his work, “Creating is the experience of being constantly unsatisfied. When this happens, I should re-do and lie to myself again.”


Norelkys Blazekovic is the Executive Project Director for Giants in the City. Hailing from Venezuela, she has degrees in both art history and communications. She is the publisher and editor of Irreversible, an international magazine and Chief Curator of Irreversible Projects dedicated to seeing art in new ways. Irreversible is also a pioneering exhibition platform for all projects that transcend the classical art show, including small format, large-scale installations, theatrical events, mixed media, video projections, massive sculptures, music, live performances and programs for children.  

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